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Cheese Making Workshop Level I
Milks starters coagulants and salt - get the basics and understand how to transform these ingredients into complex edible delights. This workshop is a combination of hands-on and demonstrations on the basics of cheese making. Some of the recipes include ricotta creme fraiche cultured er mozzarella and paneer. This class includes a recipe boo...
Creating Your Healing Garden
Instructor: Melanie Isles Pre registration is required for this talk. Registration will close on Monday March 9 2020. venue: 208 50 Avenue SW CALGARY AB T2S 2S1 Please note: Fees paid to the Calgary Horticultural Society for talks courses and workshops are non-refundable. The Calgary Horticultural Society reserves the right to cancel ...
Design Your Yard Workshop
Homeowners will work on scale layouts of their own properties and complete step-by-step tasks to create a design that meets their needs. venue: Evergreen Community Spaces - Pine Studio 1709 8 Ave NE CALGARY AB Participants will learn: How to work through the process to develop a yard design How to apply basic design principles and te...
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