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Adopt me - My name is Pogo
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Animal ID 43386848 Species Reptile Breed Lizard Age Gender Male Size Medium Color Brown Site Calgary Humane Society On Hold Intake Date 12/8/2019 Hey there I'm Pogo! I'm a y bearded dragon whose favourite time of day is lunch! I absolutely love my crickets and salad - so much so that I am easily hand fed. I will require plen...
Adopt me - My name is Fred
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I am an adult boa constrictor who is about 6 feet long. At 11 years old I'm certainly quite the gentleman - but with the proper care I can live to be as old as 30! I will need a designated snake room or an extra-large enclosure that is big enough for me to stretch out in. I need an external heat source like a heat pad and lamp to keep me warm a co...
Adopt me - My name is Nickel
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Animal ID 43595710 Species Bird Breed Budgie/Budgerigar Age 1 year 1 month 3 days Gender Male Size Small Color Yellow/Blue Site Calgary Humane Society Intake Date 1/11/2020 ...
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